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Project Profile – Point Wilson Bridge Lift

CDSE is proud to have been a part of the team working with G&G Engineering, Fulton Hogan, the Department of Transport and Planning, and many other stakeholders and participants, to successfully raise the Point Wilson Bridge by 200mm.

The 304-tonne bridge superstructure was raised using hydraulic jacks to synchronously lift all beams from temporary supports at both abutments and all four piers. Works were planned carefully, to ensure there was sufficient time to lift the bridge in a coordinated and staged manner, with the lift completed within five minutes of the planned time. This was also undertaken while coordinating with traffic teams to close the road during lifting, and reopen quickly once each staged lift was completed, to minimise disruption to traffic on the Princes Highway.

CDSE’s role involved:

  • Assisting G&G Engineering with the successful tender for these works,
  • Site inspections to assist developing the lifting methodology concept,
  • Coordinating the temporary works design, with the Lead Designers – Robert Brid Group, and Proof Engineers – WGA,
  • Providing documentation for the client’s approval,
  • Undertaking a dilapidation survey of the site before the lift, and
  • Onsite quality assurance during the installation of the temporary works and during the lift.

An example of how CDSE assisted with the success of the lift was CDSE’s representative David Firgaira identifying a cracked weld in the proprietary propping system. Due to the contingency planning by G&G Engineering, timing allowed the prop to be replaced without delay to the project.

CDSE also provided an extra pair of eyes during the lift itself, coordinating with the hydraulic systems operator and the work crews to ensure that maximum weights weren’t being exceeded on the propping system, and any challenges during the lift were quickly addressed and rectified.

CDSE were also grateful to the representatives from G&G Engineering and Fulton Hogan for being proactive in raising concerns, asking questions and for their dedication to doing the job right, and safely, in a coordinated and professional manner.

It is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the teams involved – G&G Engineering, Fulton Hogan, the Department of Transport and Planning and CDSE – and their close relationship during the works, that the bridge lift was such a success.


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