STEM Education

Sparking curiosity and shining a light on the importance and power of engineering and infrastructure in today’s world.

Three workers discussing work looking at paper

Excite and inspire students through interactive learning with CDSE’s STEM education programs. Developed specifically for young minds, our tailored programs deliver applied science and maths learning experiences that are both engaging and educational.

With hands-on activities made for convenient, classroom-based learning, children can actively get involved with applied sciences and maths that are relevant to the world we live in.

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What We Offer

We offer school programs on three key subject areas: bridge building, robotics, and cybersecurity. Each program is tailored to the school and year group, and developed to align with the existing curriculum.

Our goal is to excite and inspire tomorrow’s innovators today. This means introducing the idea of a science and engineering career path early on. We develop programs for primary school students, with the goal of creating interest and opportunities, particularly for future women in STEM.

Teacher building robot with three children

Our Approach

We aim to instil an interest in STEM and actively encourage young people to pursue a career in engineering. We see this as a way of giving back to not just the community, but also the engineering and infrastructure industry.

All STEM programs are designed and taught by passionate engineers, and help to give students a greater understanding of applied sciences and maths.

To find out more about our STEM Education programs get in touch with our team.