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Planning and Scheduling Services at CDSE


We are excited to announce that we have added project planning and scheduling to CDSE’s services, and welcome Principal Consultant Azadeh Razmkhah to the team to head up this service.

Project planning and scheduling is a natural addition to our Project Delivery services. Alongside our experienced Engineers and Project Managers, we can now add value to our client’s projects by:

  • Reviewing and advising on project schedules and identifying opportunities or risks to the proposed program of works.
  • Providing support and advice to develop program management strategies and mitigate future risks.
  • Helping to resolve scheduling issues and optimise programs.

After graduating as an Industrial Engineer in Iran in 2003, Azadeh quickly moved into planning roles in the automotive, mining, and oil & gas industries, before moving to Australia and major transport infrastructure projects. Azadeh was surprised at the unpredictability of Melbourne weather and how much it affected construction project programs!

Azadeh describes her proudest moments as those spent collaborating with teams to resolve project scheduling issues. Her strength is in being able to remain calm under pressure, assess available resources, and rally the right people together to mitigate risk, identify opportunities, and implement changes to repair or improve programs.

Azadeh decided to move into consulting because she was eager to expand her range of work and have greater opportunity to be involved in a variety of different projects. When considering why she joined CDSE, and what she likes about CDSE, Azadeh explained:

“I wanted to work closely with people who cultivate a positive attitude and culture. I had heard some good things about CDSE (that they provide excellent support for their team, celebrate diversity, think out of the box and are trustworthy) and so I was keen to be a part of this.”

“CDSE is very good at supporting their team because they have such a high value for people. They value work/life balance and acknowledge the individual’s needs. I have been astounded by the high-performance coaching and advanced support that CDSE provides for their staff. CDSE are very intentional about investment – they invest in their business by investing in people.”

Azadeh believes that infrastructure in Australia is yet to see the full benefits that project planning offers and how it can add value to projects. She is passionate about enrolling entire project teams to understand what good planning is and experience the benefits of it. Her strength is in ensuring project leaders receive good information, and have a solid understanding of the critical path and activities, so that they are empowered to make effective and valuable decisions. Her approach to planning is proactive, establishing mitigation measures so that when there are problems or delays, there is a plan in place that has been developed in coordination with the project team to reduce time wastage, alleviate unnecessary costs, and quickly get back on track.

If your project needs support to resolve current scheduling issues, prepare a program management strategy, or build and maintain a project schedule, please reach out to us at