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Employee Profile – Rebecca Bain, HSEQ Specialist

Rebecca Bain

Rebecca Bain is a Principal Consultant at CDSE, specialising in Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. Her diverse work history and experience allows her to offer essential advice to a variety of industry sectors including civil and structural construction, rail, renewable energy, mining, and oil and gas.

Rebecca started her career, while studying Psychology, pioneering women in mining. She was one of the first women in underground mining, specialising in explosives, tunnelling, and mining practices. After witnessing a colleague not receiving adequate care and support following a workplace injury, Rebecca decided to move into Health and Safety. Reflecting on this time, Rebecca shared:

‘I wanted to make a difference and do something for people who didn’t have a voice or processes to make things better. I became curious about different industries and started asking the question - In all these various realms, how can I ensure best practice, influence people, and ensure that people’s work life is the best that it can be?’

Rebecca is passionate about being a support function to project teams. She believes in teaching, mentoring, empowering and upskilling people, highlighting mental health, and ensuring that support is accessible to every individual.

Services that Rebecca and CDSE can provide to clients include:

  • Review or development of Health and Safety systems
  • Advice on Health and Safety legislation compliance
  • Inspections and audits of employees and contractors
  • Managing incident investigation and injury management
  • Training and developing project teams in Health and Safety legislation, systems, and culture.

When involved in a project, Rebecca sees great value in coming alongside people and helping them to understand the importance of their role, to enable successful execution and completion of any project. She believes that each person is vital to achieving Health and Safety goals and saving lives, and is committed to providing experience, knowledge, support, and genuine care, to develop strong relationships and get real change in attitudes to Health and Safety.

As to what she sees as the current big issues with regards to Health and Safety and the construction industry as a whole, Rebecca sees a lack of understanding how legislation, compliance, risk awareness, and individual responsibilities are critical to the success of a project. She also sees a disconnect between established systems and what’s actually happening on the ground; the most robust systems are not impactful if a project team is not enrolled and working together on a safety-first culture. Rebecca believes that cross-pollination, sharing of experience, and actively engaging onsite, are key to overcoming these issues.

If your project is in need of Rebecca’s expertise and support with Health and Safety, please reach out to us at