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Inland Rail – Tranche 1

The Inland Rail Upgrade Project in Northern Victoria improved the North East Rail Line between Beveridge and Albury to include track slewing, signal upgrades and bridge replacement.

Key Services

Temporary works design coordination, including utility design management.

Coordination of utilities engineering design and construction.

Liaising with Inland Rail (client) for works approvals.

Assistance with constructability of design.

The Project

CDSE assisted their client, McConnell Dowell, to coordinate the temporary works design for their portion of the Inland Rail project. With the existing infrastructure of the rail line, the project required complex interfaces – this included Wangaratta Station, which needed to remain in operation. The project also required that several bridges along the track, often in built up areas, be raised.

Our Involvement

CDSE supported McConnell Dowell by providing coordination of the various design teams, offering identification of temporary works and delivering construction assistance with site works. As part of this service, CDSE managed the design of underground and overhead utilities to ensure safe digging, avoid clashes and guarantee that the requirements of utility owners were followed. CDSE also liaised directly with McConnell Dowell’s client, Inland Rail, to ensure all works were in accordance with their contract requirements and procedures were followed.

The End Result

The team successfully completed the first of several rail occupations in March 2023. During this time, many of CDSE’s Temporary Works Projects came to fruition and the construction team was supported in delivering the occupation work scope. In addition, the utility scope allowed the construction team to operate confidently, knowing that what they were building was compatible with existing and future underground services. Through the support and valuable input of experienced engineers, CDSE Consulting provided McConnell Dowell with temporary works management and utilities coordination services, ultimately contributing to a quality outcome for all.