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Fitzgerald Road and Robinsons Road Level Crossing Removals

The Fitzgerald Road and Robinsons Road Level Crossing Removals improved the road network by removing boom gates that were down for up to 45% of the morning peak.


Key Services

Undertook road safety audits and monitored major traffic management events, including traffic switches and road closures.

Engaged and coordinated major stakeholders and authorities to inform and resolve the traffic staging for construction, in collaboration with the project team.

Provided cost control support for the projects.

Obtained all relevant approvals from authorities and managed subcontractors’ permits prior to commencement of works.

The Project

Our client Fulton Hogan is part of the Metropolitan Roads Program Alliance which includes the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP), Fulton Hogan and Metro Trains Melbourne.

The Robinsons Road level crossing project (road under rail) and Fitzgerald Road level crossing project (road over rail) were completed concurrently and required coordination between the different teams, minimising disruption to the network whilst also being constructed primarily with live trains running.

Our Involvement

CDSE supported Fulton Hogan in the traffic management design, operation, implementation, and monitoring of the various stages of construction, whilst minimising disruption to the various stakeholders and commuters, with safety and efficiency being paramount.

CDSE provided coordination between the two projects (as well as an adjacent level crossing project and major third-party roadworks) to ensure minimum delays and disruptions to the western catchment of Melbourne. CDSE was able to consult directly with the projects’ subcontractors, adding efficiency and expertise to the general outcome of the project.

The End Result

Removing both the Fitzgerald Road and Robinsons Road Level Crossings concurrently allowed the Ballarat and Geelong train lines to run without boom gates at these points, and contributed to reducing traffic congestion on the road network and improving safety in the area.