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Spotlight: Creating Extraordinary Communities with STEM Education

CDSE team photo with visiting teachers at Monash University

Something that we’re deeply passionate at CDSE is Education. Today’s we are putting a spotlight on a day in March 2019 when David was engaged by Monash University to run a STEM session with teachers visiting from Indonesia.

The teachers spent a week in Australia to experience how HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) is being taught at Monash University and applied in schools in Australia.

In a two hour session run by David, the teachers competed in teams to make Rube Goldberg Machines that could lift a stretcher from the floor to the table; with the aim of introducing fun and hands on classroom experience, and to show how partnership between the industry and education can provide a mutual benefit. The session was also (unexpectantly) attended by a Minister from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia who joined in the judging of the competition.

David also gave a brief presentation about STEM and industry partnership, explaining how bringing real world problems into the classroom can elevate the experience and the learning in the classroom, by demonstrating their practical application.

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