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A new way of bringing our team together

Video call screenshot of CDSE team trivia

Earlier this month on the 9th of July, CDSE and our Social and Events Subcommittee held the company’s second social event. It counted with the participation of almost the entire team, partners, and families, fur children, inclusive of our youngest member, the 2 months old Isaiah Firgaira. It was great to see all of us together and gratefully healthy.

Within the Social and Events Subcommittee at CDSE, we aim to find new and fun ways to bring our people together, enhance our teams’ experience at CDSE, and develop relationships beyond the everyday work life. The challenge for us recently was to find a way to do so during this time of social distancing and lockdown.

After a long, hard period of work on the North East Link tender and Western Roads Upgrade delivery, we wanted to create something with the team to relax and celebrate what we’ve achieved. COVID-19 spoiled attempts to gather the team in the traditional style. Instead, we decided to bring the team together for a virtual trivia night, respectfully observing the restrictions imposed by these strange pandemic times that we are facing.

Our colleague Charles volunteered his creativity, sense of humour, and trivia expertise to assume the role of Quizmaster for the night. There was the usual questionable “right answers”, technological breakdowns, a bit of competition, and plenty of banter. It was fantastic to get the entire team, partners, kids, and fur-children all together to have fun and celebrate.

Providing our team with quality time outside of work helps us with taking care of our mental health, strengthens our bonds and sense of unity, and brings our team and wider families together, which is certainly in line with our vision of Creating Extraordinary Communities.

We are all looking forward to the next one!

Tip: If you’re looking into holding an online trivia with your friends, family or colleagues, check out the app Kahoot!